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Renew Your Spirit: The Beauty Of Self Care

Renew Your Spirit: The Beauty Of Self Care

This time of year isn't all twinkly lights and presents under the tree. No, no my tribe... this season comes with pressure, stress, and a hurried pace. From the moms trying to find that one toy her tiny human asks the big guy for to those dealing with their first holiday after a loss, this time of year comes with a multitude of angst ridden situations. So how do we balance it all? How do we not succumb to the temptation to become the new Scrooge?  The answer...cut yourself some slack and renew that beautiful vibe of yours.
Shit Happens SignWe are calling for some early new year resolutions in the form of self care. We are saging our spaces and taking some time for ourselves.


{Sage bundles available in store}

We have found journaling to have such a calming, centering affect. And our new Moon Is My Calendar journal has become our new favorite for making sense of those rough days.

The Moon Is My Calendar

Along with journaling, meditation has been slowing down our overthinking, overworked minds. This Pyramid Meditation Flame makes for a beautiful focal point to help us find that quiet space.

Pyramid Meditation Flame

We all started taking Lotus Wei products last year and swear by their miraculous abilities.  The new book Flowerevolution by the creator of Lotus Wei is our #1 must read for the season. We are such believers in the power of flowers, we are calling for mandatory reading time so we can learn more.


Be kind to yourself. Take a breather. And remember the greatest gift you can give to the world is your happiness.

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