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January 09, 2017 2 min read

End of the year...with the New Year and winter, blahhhness can set in.  

Yes that's right...blahness - a more than appropriate dose of blahhhh blahhhh BLAHHHH

Maybe the year wasn't exactly as you had envisioned.  Maybe life just got a little too complicated. Whatever it was, whatever that happened..you're entitled to make it better. 

Recent words from a friend...."Cut yourself some slack - renew that beautiful vibe of yours"  

Dang it's the truth!!  Often our own worst enemies, we fail to see how much good we are truly putting out into this crazy world.  

Renewing our vibe involves being good to ourselves...showing self love by nurturing our minds, souls and bodies.  That could mean going for a walk, meeting a friend for some well deserved relaxation and fun.  It could also mean adding something new to your home, something that you love or just makes you smile.  We like to call it "dressing your casa" 

We've got some inspiration for dressing your gypsy casa.  It's always fun to add a new plant or some funky wall decor.  Here's some ideas. 

Gypsy - rustic metal wall decor. 

Gypsy Metal Sign

How about a pillow with a great story to remind us that it's ok that we're not perfect.  Fitzgerald Quote Pillow

Plants help to keep us healthy, so why not add a fun planter such as this succulent in copper planter?  I mean...the pink goat itself is enough to bring a smile.  I can't even with this one!  (sorry..he's not available for shipping, but you can find him in our Downtown Raleigh location.)

Potted Succulent

It's time to cut yourself some slack.  Have a wonderful "be good to yourself" week tribe! 

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