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New Moon Inspiration:Ignite Your Surroundings

Call us a little kooky but we are suckers for the phases of the moon and how each phase can really change the whole feel of the energy around us. The new moon was the 8th and boy were we feeling its full effects.

New Moon


This was the Aquarius New Moon and fell on the same day as the Chinese New Year. It was hard to deny the feelings of "out with the old and in with new". The urge to shake things up, let our hair down and break down each and every barrier standing in our way has been intense. So much so, we had to dream up some ways to bring this feeling into our surroundings. There is something so inspirational about being surrounded by pieces that are little bit different and full of great vibes.

Metal Tables and Letters

These cool, new vintage metal tables in the store. Heavy duty well alone or together as a sofa table. Go ultra modern or mix it up with these rustic beauties.And let's talk about the metal letters we have in stock......freaking awesome for those wanting to spell it out for all those who cross the threshhold of your casa. 

Copper Mugs


These copper mugs have us saying "Cheers" to all the new adventures that await us. Sometimes the smallest details can make massive impact. 

Oh the power of Lotus Wei, we have become full blown believers of this line. We all need a little more laughter and play in our lives and spraying the Joy Juice Energy Mist transforms the mood of any room. Breathe in the goodness, babes. 

Embrace the newness in the air and be ready because the full moon is coming and you never know what surprises may come with it. 


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