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Animal Head Wall Decor - Create your boho space.

Animal decor in a room adds a natural and slightly exotic feel to a room.  The best rooms have that slightly unplanned feel, like you walked into an room filled with character, moments and memories.  It seems that animal heads, both faux and real are making a statement in home decor these days.  

Most of these pieces are small enough for your tiny house or apartment living spaces.Animal head wall decor

Faux animal wall decor is an easy way to create a little drama and mystery in a space. We're in love with the different species currently in store.  There's a color and a style for every mood.  It's easy to add these guys to any style of decor...from modern to rustic bohemian.  Try adding one to a nursery or as part of a group of artwork and collectibles on a wall.  

Animal Head Wall Decor with Hook 

How about a cool little accent over a bar cart area?

How about this one with a hook that can easily hold a dog leash, towel or just to be used for a decorative accent?

Here's a neutral skull that was added over a bar cart instant drama in a simple way.

Bar cart with Animal Head Decor 

Go ahead...indulge in a little fun and expected decor. 



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