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Loving Your Tribe: Celebrating The Good Vibes

Oh Facebook, how we have a love/hate relationship with you. Some days you leave us disgusted and sad, the next day outraged by the craziness in our world that your algorithm fueled, drama filled site spotlights and then there are days like it seemed a little light took over and our timelines were a much happier place. FB turns 12 today and to celebrate they have deemed this day Friends Day, one lone day dedicated to real life friends and beautiful life events. I won't lie I spent a little extra time this morning watching some of these videos, along with my own. And you know what? I smiled a little more than normal getting to celebrate the people and events that make life such a grand adventure. In such a fast pace world, a little reminder of who shapes your most treasured memories is such a gift.

As I watched my video, I saw pictures I forgot were online. With everything digital, we don't have that tangible evidence of the road trip with our best friend or that hike thru the Rockies where you finally understood the phrase "The mountains are calling and I must go". Gone is the excitement of developing film or silly Polaroids taken with shots of tequila. Our digital world, as amazing as it is, has lost a little magic. But one element can't ever be taken away and that is the blessing of your tribe.  Those people in your life that just get you and who bring peace and love into your world. They are those who just seem to know when you need someone to listen. They cry with you, laugh with you, celebrate in the grandest fashion your biggest accomplishments and bring food and wine when your day has taken a turn for the worst. These special few are your tribal family. A connection stronger than blood because you choose to be in each others lives.  Your tribe is usually small but mighty. Mess with one and your get the whole village.

It is easy to take these relationships for granted. We get busy with our own circus, we forget to tend to those who save us from ourselves in the worst of times. So today, for once social media got it right. They made us stop and appreciate those real connections. Love your tribe and all the good vibes they bring on this journey. Celebrate each other every single day. And remember, crazy loves crazy and if you are lucky you will make some memories so wild that they can't be on Facebook.

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