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Why Black Friday is a "No-Go" for Us

November 28, 2020 1 min read

It's that time of year again....

The time when everyone pushes you to "run" to get this and that because of the deals and never seen before bargains. Instead we find ourselves drawn to cozy earth inspired goodness.

Little Boho Valley

I'm curious....how does Black Friday make you feel?  Do you get excited about deals?  I mean yes...who doesn't?  But really....how does it make you feel?  

As a small retailer...we choose to be anti - black Friday.  Now....do we have an issue with a holiday deal on brands we love?  Absolutely not!  But the madness behind this day is quite exhausting.  

Our approach is much more subtle....we like to keep things going slowly and with thought around not overdoing or throwing more anxiety towards ourselves or you during this season. 

Little Boho Valley

We want the holidays to be moments that bring calmness in this sometimes stormy time.  Remember ....it's not all joy and cheer for everyone.  

We're choosing little rituals that center us and help us to zone in on what makes us feel good. 

Little Boho Valley

So....just because we're not shouting Black Friday deals from the rooftop over here....or bashing your inbox with repeated emails....just know that we're creating and sending you all the warm vibes for your most magical holiday yet. We hope to inspire you and ourselves too with our earth inspired goods. 

Thank you for showing up here...we can't wait to stroll thru this season with you!


Also..coming up!... My top 3 ways to add calm and ease to your holiday. 

Sending BIG love from Little Boho Valley,



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