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Finding Light - Something New

Finding Light - Something New

I've been birthing something new. it really new or is it something that has been there for a long time?  Perhaps it's something that has been awaiting your arrival.  Patiently and mysteriously wafting into your thoughts and life experiences. ...

Gosh it feels great. rustic boho decor

I have decided to end the story with "Gypsy Jule" least somewhat. 

It will never really end because it is engrained in me...the memories, the beautiful humans that I have come to know and love, and the lessons - good and bad. 

I love how it stretched my soul and I feel I am much better for it. 

As many of you know, we moved out to 10 acres almost 2 years ago now. We've gone thru lots of renovations to the main home and slowly but most definitely this little "valley" feels like home.  Now that the inside of the main home is mostly done....we are moving to the outdoor spaces.

I'm embracing a more natural lifestyle, one that includes lots of earthy inspiration, of course my boho sanctuary and home, and goods that bring healing and wellness to our bodies and minds.  

I don't have a clear vision on everything that this new venture entails yet but I am listening and waiting. 

The land is rustic and quite raw.  We've been careful to be mindful of what we are creating and doing here.  We've used lots of upcycled materials and our goal is to be gentle and loving to our little haven. 

Little Boho Valley

The lucky part for me is that I've been able to create a little barn space for my business. 
We also have a space that is part guesthouse and part SHOP right next to it! 
For now...these are a workspace, a home to my nest of goods available
and a place that nurtures growth and inspiration. 

Little Boho Valley

 Little Boho Valley

We will continue to offer new earth inspired goods from makers, boho decor and vintage accents for the home. There will be special collections from time to time as we adjust our wings.  

I am grateful that you have been with us this far....and I would be honored if you will continue with us on this new spirited and nurturing journey. 

I present to you....

Little Boho Valley


Little Boho Valley

More news coming soon...


Big love from Little Boho Valley,




Currently we are available by appointment only (in Pittsboro, NC) and online

Special Event shopping OPEN days soon! 


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  • How lovely it is to bloom and grow! Can’t wait to see what is next!!

    Betsy Coley
  • So excited for you Julie! Love all of this! Such an incredible adventure….

  • Super excited for you! I’m sure it is fantastic! I’ll look forward to a visit sometime soon!!!

    Deb Teague

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