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vintage decor ideas

I'm Lusting Over This Vintage Cabinet get lucky and find the perfect new vintage piece. 

That's exactly what happened to me last week...and I bought it while simultaneously sending a "I hope it fits!" out to the Universe.  

You see....I really bought it for my small (did I say tiny?) master bath.  I was hoping to create a sink cabinet out of it and I thought it was just the right size.  I know....meansurements are a real thing...right?  But I bought it anyways because I KNEW this cabinet would go somewhere even if I didn't use it in the master bath. 

Long story didn't fit. Sh*t balls of firreaaaa...dang it! Soooooo now the logical thing is to offer it out to my people!  And then there's always the chance that it could end up back in a space somewhere here in my little boho valley.'re like " me the freaking cabinet!"  Yes....

Now I'm a human of multiple style modes... but ya'll know where my heart is....boho with a big dose of rustic.  That means imperfect and even messy.  But I wanted to give you 3 ideas of how you could style this cabinet. 


  • this layered version with lots of textures including dried plant material. These boho vintage vibes offer touches of abundance with the plants...both dried and fresh.  There are self care items and a candle for ambience. Selenite adds to the earthiness.  The vintage mirror compliments in color with a tone on tone look.  

Vintage decor


Here you can find fresh sage and zinnias from the garden added to the pottery.  You can use whatever is seasonal or add a succulent for a dose of evergreen all year long.

Friends...candlelight is always a winner.  It adds a warmth to a room instantaneously without much effort. 

I suggest you keep a stash of beautiful naturally scented candles on hand at all times.  Do yourself a favor and only buy the natural candles...not the phony scented ones. 

There are so many talented candle makers these days using the finest of essential oils to create blends that will awaken your senses and truly make your home feel like a sanctuary.  boho home

 Shop the items above:

Vintage cabinet


Band of Thieves Sanitizer


Medium Pottery Vase


  • Secondly, if you like decor that is a a little cleaner, here's a different look with similar vibes. 
  • This set up is super sexy looking to me. Is that possible for decor to be sexy?   I love the combo of the pottery  with the vintage brass plate.  The earth tones on the pottery complement one another and create a peaceful vibe with the brass plate decor.  

Boho home 

boho decor

Adding self care items such as the Wolf Moon perfume  and the Well Being candle  speak volumes here. 

They represent an individual who respects themselves and takes the time to choose items that are healthy and good for the soul.  Creating a sanctuary seems important to this individual and a zen-like ambience promotes wellness. 

There is the added element of spirituality here with the tiny Kwan Yin statue and the selenite stone.  Calmness seems to fill the air. 

boho style

  • Lastly...I have a simple modern boho arrangement for you.  It's earthy, filled with texture and is pleasing to the eye. Simple vintage vignettes feel almost like art.  It's almost as if you can somehow feel the history of the pieces. 

vintage decor

 This vintage brass candelabra has an aged patina that can only be found with time.  We've paired it with soft dusty mint green candles that seem oh so natural. The handwoven basket is natural yet adds a pop of color to this simple scene. 

modern boho

Choosing what to display and how isn't that hard.  It's all about finding items that you fall in love with.  Sometimes you just start with one item and then you gradually add pieces that you find along the way.  Even if you fall in love with a piece but aren't sure what or where you will use it, it's more than likely already got a "home" in your just don't know it yet!

Sending all the vintage boho vibes....


If you see something you love here and can't find it on our website or need assistance, please send an email to or text us at 919-753-7444.  We can't wait to hear from you. 

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