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August 18, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

So you want to add some vintage to your decor? 

  • Maybe you need decor for your office since the new "work from home" is continuing!  Your space needs to feel good to you and inspire you.
  • Do you have empty shelves in your kitchen or living room? 
  • Your boho bedroom is empty or just needs a makeover?
  • You want to add something original to your kitchen shelving. 
  • You're just lost and can't figure it out! (I mean...I've been there, I know the feeling!)

You need some items that flow and are easy to pair to together. I've got you!

Here's a few ideas for your shelves or tables that need some zhu-zhu.

All of these are a combination of vintage and new. 

Below is a vignette of neutral and easy on the eye vintage.  It has an almost earthy vibe to it.  The brass vintage plate is slightly imperfect but with it's detailed pattern and rich patina...who cares? We added a vintage teak antelope and new Agate Bookends.   Add a little green plant and've got a beautiful grouping for your shelf or table. 

Boho decor

Here's another variation with the vintage brass tray....this one is a bit more delicate , boho chic you might say. This look includes a trio of vintage glass sugar and creamer pitchers.  The cut glass designs are so interesting to look at and the gold brushing at the top edge just adds more glam.  In this photo we've used these to add a little sprig of rosemary cuttings.  These cuttings will soon root and you will have more rosemary:)!  You could add seasonal items such as pinecones and greenery or a Christmas ornament or use them for functional items such as paperclips, toothpicks, etc.  As you can see...there are loads of options with this one. 

Boho home


And then for the more spirited home...this grouping with a sandstone buddha head is calming and serene.  We've kept the color palette neutral again here....with earth tone accents.  And we added a small vintage brass vasewith dried flowers.  

boho decor

Here's another variation that is for the more modern boho.  We've added selenite, another earthy element, to bring in calmness and zen. 

boho style


We're ready to inspire and assist you.  Did you know we can even schedule a Zoom or Face Time appointment to talk through your decorating struggles?

We'll give you advice and thoughts on ways to bring more zen and flow. 

Message us!  919-753-744

Creating the journey,  julie aka gypsy jule

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