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Boho Room Inspiration

Lately I can't get enough inspiration through visuals. 

I'm a daily visitor to Pinterest.... always there to wander thru the oohs and ahhs of design and more.  Once upon a time our only resource was books and magazines.  The options of easy to obtain information are now so endless thru the web.

I'm sure this moment in time has some play in it.  But really I've always been a visual learner ...just part of the DNA.

Whether I'm working on my business or my's a type of sacred nesting that is just internal and also sort of therapeutic.

So....I pulled some of my recent creations.  Whether you're daydreaming about your boho home or just getting started on creating your space, my aim is help you get inspired or think differently about items within your home. 
boho living room
This space feels a bit modern boho but also has a rustic vibe to it.  It meshes the two worlds.  The mid-century chair  gives it that modern edge while the wood pieces such as the trunk and the round side table are earthy and rustic. 

I'm in love with this seating arrangement that could easily fit into any boho space. In a true bohemians world, vintage is a must.  We breathe it daily.  To create a space that you truly love living in, choose vintage that you fall madly in love with.  Choose items that speak to you even if you don't know why they speak to you.  I have pieces that I've had for years that I couldn't find a spot for or somehow just didn't fit and now....they are finally finding their home. 


boho living room

I'm not saying to be an all out hoarder, (although an appropriate amount of storage is nothing short of a dream!) 

The idea is to choose vintage that you fall in love with.  

Be sure to have a mixture of what I always recommend to clients, "Something new, Something old, and Something creative!"

That is going to give you an eclectic look that isn't something you can ever find in a fancy showroom!

Relax, have fun with it and add something that makes you smile or laugh. 

Beautiful homes don't have to be serious to be sacred
or to feel like a sanctuary. 

Rustic boho

Vintage lighting adds a unique touch to any room. 

(Source:  Home of creator, Julie Sezer)boho kitchen


Vintage mirrors are one of my obsessions....even more so if they are aged in patina. 

This vintage mirror rests gently on a credenza by a stairway.  It's the perfect backdrop with its imperfect patina.  Paired with the handcrafted Kwan Yin and a green get a view across the room. 

(Source:  Home of creator, Julie Sezer)

Vintage boho decor

Below is an image showcasing the setup of the mirror.  It rests on a Hollywood Regency style vintage credenza.  The colors are warm and complimentary. There's that "something creative" here....see the piano keys draped across the mirror?" This is one of my favorite creations... recreating vintage and it adds another texture here as well. 

(Source: Home of creator, Julie Sezer)Boho living room


Now...don't be overwhelmed if you are lost on how to create these kind of looks.  Just start with one simple zone....adding one item that you love.  From there you will see that you can grow your's a little like putting a puzzle together, piece by piece. 

It can be as easy as adding a vintage tray to get your creative side flowing.  

And if you're someone who needs a little guidance or vision, that's an easy solution.  There are people that offer decor advice everyday thru their sites. We can help you and even face time for a simple Q&A about something or go thru an entire room.  

boho decor

These kind of spaces don't happen instantly. 

They grow with time...and they evolve. 

We're here to help you with your boho living space. 


***many of these items are available for sale if not listed.  Please contact us via text 919-753-7444 with questions. 

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