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Boho Dinner Party

A Boho Dinner Party - Full Moon Vintage Style

A couple of months ago....before the world entered into this great reset in 2020, I created a Full Moon Dinner Party for my husband and I.

Full Moon Dinner

After our dinner and fire, I realized that this was such a beautiful way to celebrate just us and also it felt like we were on vacation!  It was an enchanting way to spend our evening and to create a magical halt in time. 

Finally!...I was getting creative in a way that I had envisioned for a long time.  Now....if you know me well enough...sometimes the stars have to align to strike to get the kettle to boil.  Some Full Moons deplete me, others energize me.  Who can relate?

The universe had set the stage, the weather and the moon were staycation perfect ...the sky was clear and the temperatures were just right for a fire.

By the way, big shout out to my fire builder!  The hubs is really good at stacking the firewood just right and it's a joke sort of that I'm not very good at it.  That's why there are two of us, everyone has a job:)

Now....I truly put this together in like 30 minutes.  (nooooo kidding!) You see when you're a creative, you're always gathering items that you're not completely sure what you're going to do with them, but somehow you know it's going to come together.  

I'm always collecting vintage dishware and textiles.  If I truly fall in love with them, I know they've got a place in my storybook somewhere. 

These are some of my favorites pieces I've collected over the past year. 

  • vintage china
  • vintage serape
  • vintage napkins
  • vintage round table
Boho Dinner Party

 Now that I've practiced, I think I'm ready to graduate and do something for a few more folks.  


Boho dinner party 

 Who's ready to howl at the moon with us?

Video story coming next on Pinterest!

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  • Ohhh this is perfection!! ❤️❤️

  • That looks lovely! So romantic! But we have had too much rain,except today, but back tomorrow. I am having a hard time planning anything. Also stuck with my art endeavors! It is a difficult time. So glad you found a good moment in your time! Stay Safe. Namaste

    Adrienne McMurdy

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