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May 06, 2020 1 min read

I don't know about you....but room accents are the icing on the cake. 

The details are important to create that cozy vibe and help to tell the story of what you are all about. 

I'm in love with these room sprays by Z&Co., a Texas small business apothecary. 


These gently scented sprays are organic and made with pure essential oils.  And ...the bottles and the packaging... ohhhh myyy:)

Imagine one in your office...you know...to lift that mood occasionally. I like to have one bedside as a lovely spray just before bedtime.  These make excellent guest room accessories too.  

Keep one in the hallway for a spritz of freshness or add one to your closet to refresh it morning and evening to start and end the day. 

How about one for a baby nursery to soothe and take away some of those stinky smells without putting any toxins in the air?

There's one for every bohemian mood. 

First...obviously is "Bohemian"....These blends are natural so you can feel good when using it as a body spray or room and linen spray. Bohemian is a lovely blend of Orange and tangerine essential oils.

room spray

 Want to fill your space with the scent of freshly bloomed rose geranium?  Gypsy Room Spray will do just that for you.  Use it to give a boost to your work space or spray your bed linens just before bedtime. 

And just in case you need one more...there is Luna Spray. 

Now...time to indulge in some pretty scents. 

Creating the journey....gypsy jule

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