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It's're eloping. 

We're in a global transition....the Great Pause has brought change for almost everyone.  Brides and weddings have changed drastically and honestly I don't see a big shift back to normal anytime soon. 

But that doesn't mean that it can't be the day of your dreams....I tend to thing it can be even dreamier than you had anticipated. 

As an empath, I personally love smaller events.  They tend to be more authentic and relaxed. My hope is that you will find this for yourself as a bride to be. 

Ok...on with the show...I've put together the beginning of small rental packages for the Boho Bride. 

These are great for backyard weddings or small event space weddings. 

Maybe you're planning an AirBNB wedding?  You probably still want to personlize it.  I love this article by  Between the Pine  on planning an event at an AirBNB.  While this isn't local to the Raleigh's a great referral with good visuals on how things can look. She's even got a How to Elope article for your reference!

Of can do it all on your own or get a little help from a planner which is always the best idea so that you can enjoy your day!

Here's a sneak peek at what we've been working towards.  I'm having a lot of fun putting these together for you....pass it along to someone you know in the Raleigh area that might be in need of a small set up.  That's our specialty for now...small and drama free:)

Here's a set up with our grand black peacock anointed as the Johnny and Cash duo.  


Peacock Chair Lounge - Boho Bride


This vibe is rustic + earthy.  But it's easy to transform these pieces of art into a softer version.  Add soft feathery pampas grass and golden and natural toned floral accents.  Layers of succulents and cactus greenery will give you those desert vibes you might be craving.  The options are endless and the best get to customize it according to your dream. 

Here's the link to rent our Johnny and June Peacock Chair Duo.

(Available for the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro area. Message for availability outside of those zones) 

Here's a few more photos from this set up to inspire you.  

Peacock chair rentals


This was a quick setup outside of our and nature accents were pulled directly from the garden. 
Event Rental - Boho Bride

 The vintage candlabra is set with dusty mint candles, the perfect compliment to brass with a patina.  What do ya'll think about our drum table? We created that too!  

Peacock chair rental
This rug is warm and reminds me of late desert sunsets.  It's also a part of our vintage collection.  
Boho Bride
This vintage suitcase turned into instant coffee table is a great backdrop and accent on the rug.  The colors flow seamlessly. 
Boho bride
This impromptu bouquet is from our collection of dried flowers we've been collecting this spring and summer. We've tied it with a bit of forest green sheer ribbon.
Bohemian bride
Fresh flowers are always an exceptional touch to an event....but this is a beautiful alternative.   
Last but not least....just a view from the vibe of our day.  Peace and love to you all friends! 
Please comment and also let your friends know that might need a rental from us!
On the journey, julie
Bohemian wedding event
☞ All photos and styling by Gypsy Jule
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