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Reusable Straws


At Gypsy Jule, we are all about drumming to our own beat. Trends don't appeal to us..but loving the Earth does!

With Earth day coming up in a few short weeks we wanted to share a new product that we can fully get behind.


We started carrying Reusable Bamboo straws! Not only are they chic, and would look pretty fabulous in your summer cocktail, but they are sustainable, which we think is even cooler. 

Our reusable straws come in a pack of 4 and retail for $22, which is a pretty inexpensive way to make a positive step for our environment. Viski's straws are made of durable stainless steel and plated in copper for an elegant twist. They can be hand-washed and used over and over again!

Many people worry about how to transport reusable straws so they can use them on the go. Of course there are specific cases and carry pouches you can purchase additionally, but we have some simple solutions for you too. Do you have a cloth makeup case or pen case that you're not using? Store your steel straws in there and slip it into your purse. Then you'll have your straws anywhere you go.

If you are all about those Spring + Summer cocktails, you need these too! We think the bamboo style straw would make the perfect addition to your boho bar cart, how about you?

Reasons to switch to reusable straws
(& come in to buy our cute ones!)

  • 5 million straws are used in the US everyday..which means..
  • 5 million go into landfills and our oceans daily. Straws never biodegrade, they are plastic, so they just break into smaller pieces which pollutes the earth, releases toxins into the water ways and harms all wildlife that comes in contact with it.
  • Among all things that are cleaned up off the streets and beaches, plastic straws are at the top of the list. Turtles, fish and birds consume then, causing death, and ultimately throwing the whole ecosystem off.

The good news is, you can do your part in breaking this cycle!

Switching from disposable to reusable straws is so simple! You can use them on hot and cold beverages, take them everywhere with you, and when people see you using these stylish copper plated straws, they will think twice about using plastic ones. You can influence change by just making the switch!

Summer cocktails will be prettier. 

Reusable straw

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