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It feels like we were just removing the Christmas tree from our living space.
Winter has been long and somewhat memorable.
Helllooooooo...... Spring.  

Spring always feels like a rebirth..

windows start to stay open, the days get longer, and the wildflowers gift us with their presence!
If you're like me, the beginning of Spring brings about change, and a need to get stale air and energy out is on my mind. There are a few ways to get your home ready for Spring, and they don't all involve dusting and purging clutter!
Here are our favorite ways to refresh your casa for Spring!

1) Add something new + fresh to your entryway

+ Did I mention we have new rattan chairs that would make a killer seating area in your entrance (or front porch!).
+ Add a new (or vintage) piece of art that inspires you or just makes you feel good near the front door. We are obsessed with poetic and romantic quotes that give us that dreamy out of this world vibe. 
(photo below from Capricorn Press)
"She's Mad" print available in our store and online. 
+ Swap out your light for a new lamp..illuminate your way into Spring ;)
Vintage touches always add a one a kind look to any space.  How about this perfectly imperfect green vintage desk lamp?  I mean....all the heart eyes over here for this one. 
Add a buddha to your meditation or living space for a reminder of a peaceful and zen like lifestyle. 
Vintage desk lamp

2) Change up your mantel (or shelves)

+ Say see ya later to your winter decor and start fresh.
+ Add some books you intend to read (or your old favorites)
+ Add a pop of bright color...Agate bookends, a bright picture frame or just a bundle of flowers to bring a fresh dose of color to the area.
agate bookends

3) Cleanse the air

+ Get your smudge stick out and go wild.
+ Not a fan of burning in your house? Liquid smudge is equally are powerful and practical! Take it anywhere with you.
+ Candles galore. I love switching out my candles for the seasons. There is something so refreshing about new scents in the home!
sage smudge stick

4) Get your kitchen ready

+ New table linens, dish towels..hell, go wild and get yourself new kitchen art!
+ Spring + summer bring a whole change in food why not accompany that with a fresh set of glasses or plates?
Along with that idea....we think that bringing in some fresh Architectural pieces that are rustic add a certain amount of zen immediately to any space 
Can you just see this wooden beauty hanging with
loads of plants dripping from it?
 Vintage Wooden Architectural Salvage

5) Good tunes..naturally

+ What's more peaceful than a wind chime making music when the sun is shining and breeze is blowing? 
I can feel the stress level dropping already with this kind of addition to a space.
wooden wind chime

6) Get that indoor garden growing

Not warm enough to put your flowers in outside yet? Get the indoor plants going!
Jungles are in baby and we think the more greenery inside the better!

Succulents are great for beginners, and if you are up for it, go for something a little more decorative like a palm or fiddle!

7) Refresh your linens

+ Not in the budget to get new linens? Just freshen them up! Linen spray (especially lavender) is the cat's meow.
+ Put satchels of dried flowers in your dresser and linen closet to keep things smelling beautiful.
linen spray

8) New art, new you.

+ Okay new art won't change you..but think about adding a dreamy macrame piece or dreamcatcher to your will surely boost your mood.
+ Add some character with a vintage art piece..nothing like something with a story
large macrame

9) Purge out the bad

+ Get rid of what no longer serves you..clothes, with new out with the old.  It's time to Feng Shui your space and reduce what isn't serving you. 

10) Make a sanctuary

+ Last but not least..clear space in your life to enjoy your home this Spring. Pick a spot that will be your sanctuary this Spring. Whether it's a whole room or just your hammock..refresh it and make it yours!
boho sanctuary

Do our favorite ideas get your mind moving?

I know I am ready for this!

Need some help getting started? Here are a few items we have at our Misfit Mercantile for you...

Come visit us downtown Raleigh to see everything we have to refresh your casa this season.
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