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Summer Solstice

Easy Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice...first day of Summer...ahhhhh you are so welcome here. 

Beautiful celebrations to welcome this day don't have to be complicated. 

You don't have to ask us twice to dress in our favorite boho dress and gather some of our favorite friends to make us feel rejuvenated.'s easy to do simple things too that will make you feel excited for summer and help you to manifest some dreams.

I can't say enough about just lighting a candle or even burning sage, incense or palo santo. 

There's just something so cleansing about the simple act of lighting a tiny's as if time stands still for a few seconds and all of the madness of life disappears. 

Lighting a candle or sticks of palo santo helps us to strengthen and bring forth our inner power.  It also helps us to clear the energy of the room or reset our minds. 

Get ethically harvested palo santo sticks here

Palo Santo

 Another simple yet energizing idea...gather fresh flowers, herbs, berries or even tree branches from your garden or yard.

They don't have to be can even get fresh flowers from the market if you don't have a garden.  Watch the mood of the entire casa just elevate with bringing these nature items inside.  

 Summer Solstice flowers

I really had fun adding these to a vintage decanter and placing them in the kitchen window. Just seeing these beauties reminds you of the abundance and beauty of nature.  

You could even use a small vintage set  like this one to add springs of mint or a single large blossom in each glass. 

vintage glasses

You could also create a mandala of garden beauties or even add just a few pieces to your altar or meditation space. Anywhere...just bring some of those beauties inside so you can really let that abundance flow thru you. 

Get outside and soak up the sun!  I mean what better way to welcome the longest day of the year!  Sunshine always does a soul good....just a few minutes is all that is really needed.  


(photo from pinterest)

Meditation, prayer or just a simple list of things that you want to work towards or manifest in your life are also easy ways to celebrate Summer Solstice and word towards what you want to create in the next 6 months. 

It's time to celebrate renewal, summer harvest and inner and outer abundance. 

I found this Solstice Playlist online... check it out.


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