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Vintage Folding Screen


If you are looking to add something special to your boho oasis..look no further, because we have the perfect item for you at our Misfit Mercantile.

Not only are Folding Screens an incredibly versatile item, but finding one in great condition like the vintage bamboo folding screen we have is like finding a precious gem!

There are so many ways you can use a folding screen..and they add a regal sense to any space you put them in. Not only that, but if you need extra room, they can be folded up.

Ways to use a vintage folding screen in your boho sanctuary:
  • Put in front of a window for added privacy (and marvel at the beautiful shadows this creates!)
  • set behind a side table 
  • simply set in front of a wall and hang plants from it
  • use as a room divider (perfect for big space or studio apartment)
  • disguise an eyesore like a utility box 
  • and of course - use as a headboard! (we are so in love with this idea)

Justina from The Junaglow uses her vintage folding screen as a headboard and we think that this combo is just the cat's meow.

folding screen headbaord

Not only does using a folding screen add texture and height to your bedroom, but it also emits a sense of calm with it's organic shapes and material.

How incredible are all the textures and colors here?

bamboo screen know we love us some vintage decor so holy molees when we found this beauty recently....

we were feeling like we won a little money from the slot machines.  

Are you ready to add a

Vintage Folding Screen to your home? 

Vintage Bamboo Folding Screen


I mean...this could be just the solution to that bare wall you've been living with all this time.  Can you imagine the beautiful plants that you can add to this beauty? 

Add some string lights for a playful look or hang a pendant light on each side for an ultra swoozy look.

We have just one for you...come get this vintage gem it before it's gone!

 Vintage decor


Come visit us in downtown Raleigh to see this vintage gem yourself!




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