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Why you need a hammock right this minute.

Why you need a hammock right this minute.

If you ask me where i'd rather be on any given afternoon, i'd say lounging in my hammock...because let's be honest, there is nothing dreamier, more relaxing or more perfect than swinging in a woven hammock.

The best thing about the hammocks from our Misfit Mercantile is that they make great additions to your home..both inside and out! Do you dream of reading a book, journaling, or just napping in a hammock, but the weather is killing your vibe? Put your hammock indoors..and bask in joy all year round.

We love the idea of putting our hammock in your home..imagine it surrounded by plants, sunlight beaming in..swoon!!!

indoor boho hammock

Look at how Vine and Vintage has hers..seriously stunning.

indoor hammock

If you have a cat in your household..I promise they will thank you too ;)

Now that you are smitten on this - because why wouldn't you be - let me tell you that we have the most beautiful hammocks for YOU. 

black hammock swingwoven hammock

Pair this black woven hammock swing with jewel toned velvet pillows..and you have yourself a chic place to manifest your afternoon dreams.

If you are imagining yourself lounged out to the max in a hammock that is fit for a goddess..

boho hammock

This is for you.


Visit our Mercantile downtown or order your hammock right from here.

See our hammock options here!




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