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The mysteries of the moon are undeniable.

Two of our absolute favorites in the store for the holidays are the Moon Calendars and Full Moon prints. I'm personally in love with both of these items. Each is their own visual displays of art.

First...Did you ever notice how calming and centering it feels when you get to observe the moon?  There is just something really natural about following the cycle of the moon.  It's a simple tool that allows us to align with our inner and outer cycles.  Each phase of the moon offers a way to track health and bring intention to our lives.  

The Full Moon prints serve as wall art and help us to follow the moon cycles.  Framed or unframed, these hand silkscreened prints make a stunning display alone or in a grouping. 


Full Moon Print

Full Moon print

Find these handmade prints in our Downtown Raleigh location as well as online.  

Second...Maybe you sense an urge to live by the moon cycles.  We are super excited to bring to you a tool that we think will be helpful in understanding how nature affects us through the moon cycles.  

The Moon is My Calendar is the perfect tool to use as a small journal and daily calendar.  With dedicated space for recording intentions and daily growth, you will discover when to be the most productive.

 The Moon is My Calendar

The Moon is my Calendar

The exhale and inhale pages are to assist you in knowing when to "go and when to slow".  

Here is a short tutorial on how to use the calendar to help you to achieve your best. 


We can't wait to hear how using this calendar helps to ignite your daily schedules and create intention on this journey.

We're thinking of starting a small group to compare progress and notes...want to join?   Comment below to receive updates. 


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