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November 23, 2016 1 min read 1 Comment

The newest boot of the season...the Della Boot by Bedstu.  

This tall black leather boot will help you to fulfill all of your Stevie Nicks dreams.  We can't make you sing like the gypsy queen but we can help you to create the free spirited look of the bohemian goddess.  

Here's one of our current favorite bohemian styled looks that includes the Della Boot.  We have a feeling that you, too...will fall in love.  We've styled the Go Your Own Way skirtwith a mock neck from LaMade Clothing for a simple yet sophisticated bohemian look. 

Della Boot - Bedstu

Go Your Own Way Skirt

Paired with the Della Boot by Bedstu...irresistable free spirited fun.

Bedstu Della Boot



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May 30, 2020

Hello.. I’m trying to find the price in this exact boot.. I actually have them and just want to know what they cost.. if you could possibly help me

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