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PROMISE! ... Coming Soon! - Funky Imperfectly Perfect

You know how it goes....things never happen exactly as you had planned. 

No matter how much scheduling, preparation or begging you allow yourself...the universe only lets it unfold as it should.

So...obviously our new brick and mortar space is a tad behind schedule.  As  the girl who has been working on all of this since's gut wrenching and stressful.  But hey...there are only so many mountains I can climb in one day.  

I'm so grateful to the people that have been there for me especially through these last few weeks...pushing me to keep going and just being a friend.   I am blessed to be friends with some of the most courageous and awesome females that a girl could know.  You empower me every day and make me a better human.

It's all about creating the journey....what you seek is usually what you need to get to a better place within.  Yeah...I believe in all of that ...that there is a voice in us that speaks to everything we desire and to everything that we are not.    I guess that I'm in need of being pushed, being challenged and being taken to a level that I have never dreamed.  Believe me...the buttons have been pushed in all directions with this one.  So when you see me...I'll probably be a little more wrinkled...a lot less rested, but hell...I'm doing it.  

Expect a level of funkiness that I haven't reached before. It's the only way I really know.  Perfection (and there is much to be discussed on what that words means) is just not my thing.  I like to say..."perfectly imperfect"



No one knows this journey better than my family.  My children gave me a Mother's Day gift of cross stitched words from a quote that I have long loved. I've held it so close to my heart.  Still not framed...I have thought of it most every day.  It.  fits.  me.  completely.

You gotta jump to know if you can fly. 

 you gotta fly


Big big hugs to all of you that choose to journey with us.  Each and everyone of you are special and I so look forward to seeing our beautiful faces again!


I can't wait to open the doors and share all of this funky imperfectly perfect goodness with you all!

creating the journey,

gypsy jule


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