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Opening our Store - the Misfit Way


I're like WHEN are you opening that store??!!  

Just know this.  We are almost there.  We can't thank you enough for your patience. You know what they say, if it doesn't kill you...

Late nights and early mornings have kept us moving and grooving.  It's times like this that make you pull up your boot straps and take deep breaths.  One of my friends says it best I think "carpe the freaking diem".  In other might not be what you imagined, but you have to move forward with a smile on your face and and a more than healthy amount of fear in your gut.  

 With just a couple more tweaks, it looks like we will finally be able to move in.   In true misfit style, it won't be perfect, not because we're not working our tails off, but because at this point we have to ride the magic carpet that we've been handed, if you know what I mean.  No time to dilly dally, just DO IT!   We will be open for your holiday shopping just in time for you to get some beautiful and unique items for all on your list!!  We have been planning and getting things ready for months! 

In the meantime...we've added some awesome boots and slippers from Woolrich to our website. Rustic holiday visions are floating in our heads.  We've got a great collection of unique gift items that we will be revealing very soon and I'm pretty sure will help you to check off all that are on your list. Woolrich Rockies for women

original photo from Woolrich

Shop our New Arrivals here!

Stay tuned for the debut of our Misfit Mercantile. 

Good HYOUman with Bedstu boots 

Good HYOUman top with Bedstu Craven Boot

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