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Modern Nomad Style by Palladium

July 20, 2015 2 min read

We are pleased to introduce to you, our modern nomads, the Palladium brand of shoes and boots.  This company started as a tire manufacturer for the military back in the 1920's.  As the demand for aircraft tires decreased, Palladium began shoe manufacturing by using their rubber and canvas resources.  Europeans quickly adapted this new line and by 1990 the brand had gone global, selling more than a million pairs in one year.


In 2009, a relaunch created a lifestyle brand that would soon become sought after by individuals looking for an urban and updated construction.  With more than 60 years of experience, this shoe company is bringing quality yet innovative designs.  Travelers, movers and shakers seek this brand for their comfort and classic yet contemporary styling.

 Mens, womens and unisex styles are available in a wide array of colors and fabrications.  In our eyes, this brand is perfect for the gypset generation that is constantly on the go.  Easy to wear and comfortable enough to take you anywhere.  

One of the cool things that Palladium does is an ongoing video Explorer series.  This series allows us a peek into modern day lives of people who are working daily in the comfort and style of Palladium footwear.  Here's a look into one of the recent posts about two individuals, a DJ, model and photographer.  They are great examples of how this brand of shoes fit into the rugged, adventurous yet sophisticated lifestyle of today's active jobs and lives.  Take a look.  


Here's a couple of faces that you probably recognize wearing the Palladium Brand.  Can't wait for your to get a hold on a pair of these utilitarian shoes.  From city chic to playful exploring, the styling is up to you. Look for our upcoming ideas coming soon about how we are pairing our Fall arrivals with the newest Palladium styles for 2015. Included in that will be one of the trending colors for Fall, burgundy.  This hot color will compliment just about everything and mixes beautifully with modern bohemian styles, yes....modern bohemian styles.  


 Enjoy and explore your city!

Brad Pitt wearing Palladium Boots

(Last two photos courtesy of blogspot and Palladium)



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