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How Human Design Helped Me to Start Over in my Business

How Human Design Helped Me to Start Over in my Business

It's been 2 years since we've left our brick and mortar space in Downtown Raleigh.

For those of you who didn't know us then...we had a large space close to the warehouse district of Raleigh.  Feeling the need for "change" we had been trying to find a replacement tenant to allow us to leave our location early.  Miraculously...and I mean that happened and we were able to leave our tenant space just before the pandemic became known to America. 

Time would help me to determine what was next or even to "feel" what was next.  I had longed for some time to rest and be quiet for so long after the hustle of the downtown zone.  Finally I was able to get it...or at least explore it a bit. 

Relaxing space

The truth of the matter is that my body and mind was exhausted and depleted.   I had been in overdrive for far too long.  I had learned that this mode of work was not feasible for my human design or my personality.  I knew it...but didn't really know how to explain it.  

What I knew is that I needed LOTS of time to rest and lots of time to be away from groups or just the general chattiness of being a small business owner.  During the last 6 - 8 months of my time in downtown...I really just fudged my way through with the help of my amazing team.  They kept me going...  My mind was groggy most days...really couldn't think and creativity...well...what was that?!?

I have been so lucky to be able to find my creativity again.  I have explored and read and rested.  It was when I happened upon "Human Design" that I realized I had finally found something that explained "me"!  It was as if a magical lightbulb came on and lit a new path. 

So Human Design is a personality test of sorts....a DNA of how your body works best.  It's really amazing!  

So....I found out I'm a "projector" with a 3/5

Here's an example of Projector work mode as shown by Human Design Coach Jenna Zoe.  This explains exactly how I work slowing down so that I can then pick up speed again. 

Projector - Human Design/Jenna Zoe

Lacey Phillips is also a 3/5 Projector!

Lacy is the founder of Expanded Podcast To Be Magnetic, she has created multiple programs based on her findings on the power of manifestation, backed by neuroscience. 

If you are interested I'd highly recommend finding out about your Human Design far you explore it is up to you! Just search for a test...there's lots of them out there!

These days...I now understand why I need "rest"'s part of my profile.  I'm not meant to hustle nonstop.  It helps me to work better and to at my most creative. 


I hope this is helpful to some of you.  I think the more we are able to learn about how we are designed and how we can be our best leads to beautiful lives.  We are all different and we learn/work differently.  This tool helps to point us into careers and paths that we are more naturally suited for.  

I'd love to know...have you ever heard of Human Design or have you taken a test?  Did you find that it helped you discover things about yourself so that you were able to work and live better?  Creative minds want to know!

Creating in Little Boho Valley,



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  • Loved your post…thank you! I have heard of human design and think it is so fascinating. I need someone to guide me through it for myself. Do you have any recommendations?


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