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The hint is Cattails

The hint is Cattails

DISCLAIMER.... This is a blog about coming to know your destination...or at least part of it. It's about honoring your gifts. Take it or leave it...these are just highlights that are in my memory that feel somehow connected to the journey that we're all riding. 

What is a Bohemian Oasis?

Imagine a place where creativity flows freely, where colors - both muted and bold collide seamlessly and eclectic decor comes together in a perfectly imperfect kind of way. There is a  sense of freedom and a symphony of creativity fills the atmosphere.  Welcome to the world of the bohemian oasis! Each one... uniquely it's embraces a carefree and unconventional way of life, allowing you to express your true self through your surroundings.

From the time I was a little girl...the clues continued to unfold as I grew.  The vision to create a bohemian oasis of vintage, new and up-cycled treasures gets etched deeper with age.  You're not an expert, no formal education in the subject...just a creative soul.

There's a most memorable moment etched in your brain...the time your daddy takes you and your brother fishing when you're about 8.  You know...the kind of fishing that is at your Aunt's pond, on the farm...there's nobody else but you and the critters.  And oh yeah...we used those long bamboo fishing poles that you have to actually throw the line out and of course it would get stuck on all kinds of things. 

Your brother is fishing and enjoying it but you spy something on the other side of the pond.  What are those glorious brown tall things with a spike on the top?!!
Ahhhh...those are C A T T A I L S. 
I'm in love.  I have no idea what they are or anything about them...they're just - well -  they're just beautiful to my 8 year old bucktoothed freckled face self.  

You somehow ask your Daddy about them...and then...he goes to get some for you. He pulls out his pocket knife and cuts down a handful.  I feel like I've just been handed gold.   My eyes are wide open at this point!  I'm more excited than I am to get red velvet cake! THIS is why we came fishing!  

You carry them home to put them in probably the ONLY tall bohemian like basket in your parent's very simple southern home.  Ahhhhh...they look so pretty in your bedroom.  A few days later they seem to grow whiskers...fuzzy puffs.  They only lasted a bit but ohhhh the magic. 

I believe in whispers from the universe...I think that day was one of them. be continued




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