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Trend To Love: Modern Cowgirl

There is something incredibly enticing and romantic about the west. Rolling plains framed by snow capped mountains. Wide open night skies with stars so bright they make the lights of Las Vegas look dim. The history, the landscape, and all the lifestyle encompasses....we long to be the heroine of our own wild west story.

Western fashion has always been a favorite of ours due to our love of details (and boots!!) Fashion inspired by life and a lifestyle moves us. We long to create that tapestry of influences in our style and the modern cowgirl aesthetic plays a beautifully harmonious part in that.

Valentino 2016

Photo from ELLE US June 2016 featuring Valentino

The iconic western feel has inspired some of this season's hottest looks and we are riding high on the fashion horse bringing you some very modern western twists to add to your wardrobe.

Modern Cowgirl 2

Conchos, bolos, and leather goods that are one of a kind. We are bringing out our inner Annie Oakley for Fall and it feels so good.

Giddy up, cowgirls!!

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