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April 03, 2020 1 min read


The Art of Boho....nothing like a SUDDEN jolt of inspiration right before the holidays!

The week before Thanksgiving 2019 I got a wild idea to redo one of the walls in the store.  

Maybe this wasn't the best time to start a new project but hey.....that's the way my creative brain rolls.  

As I had been rather stagnant for a while in getting my creative flow going...I didn't waste any time seeing if I could make this happen!

I messaged my talented and amazing new friend, Kassie from Quirks Creative to see if she was available to help me to create my vision.  

Woo hoooo I was over the moon when she said 'Yes!"

She got to work right away and I have to say the excitement as I saw it coming to life was like a rush of wind!

It was just what I needed and the store 100% needed this new vibe!

Here's what it looked like as Kassie got started on's all completely hand drawn.  Here's a look at it the wall just at the beginning.  I love the lettering so much!!  Boho style wall display

 And then afterwards....  we got to merchandising the wall with current inventory.  We added vintage items that were favorites along with new items like our bamboo curtains, agate bookends and handcarved buddha. 

The Art of Boho

 This project sure created a lot of inspiration for us!  Looking forward to the next one!


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