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You know how you randomly run across a business or person online and you just know your paths are destined to cross? That's exactly how I felt about Katie Vie and River Island Apothecary

River Island Apothecadry

I mean....who wouldn't be interested in scent and symbolism to align you with your path?  

I had a very personal experience with scent almost 3 years ago when I got a chance to be in an incredible garden filled with roses and so many other blooming flowers for 2 full Spring and Summers.  I can only say that it was incredibly healing and nurturing.  The timing was very precise for me and is forever etched in my memories. 

We are so excited to offer a day with Katie in learn from her connections with ancient wisdom and how she uses her handcrafted anointing oils for clarity and intentions. 

River Island Apothecary Pop Up Shop

Here is all the info!  Limited reading available on November 17th....Secure your time early!

Noon: Pop-Up Shop opens! Come meet Katie and sample her collection of all-botanical, artisan blended anointing oils.

1pm: Artist talk with Katie. Hear how the magic of scent can open doors of clarity & connection.

2:30 - 4:45 Archetype Readings (see below for description & reservations)

∆ ∞ Archetype Reading ∞ ∆

Unique scent divination with Katie Vie, creator of the river island apothecary Archetype Anointing oils.

Get a major dose of clarity in just 15 minutes.

Think tarot reading, but with aroma instead of tarot cards.

An Archetype Reading will answer your deepest question, “am I on the right track with my life?”

Your one-on-one session begin with Katie's signature "fan ceremony" to clear your mind and enliven your senses.

Then you'll settle in to smell all 7 of Katie's signature Archetype Anointing Oils, taking your time and noticing your reactions to each aroma.

Katie will help you identify your perfect match, then show you how it connects with your life. You’ll hear how the archetype is guiding you and showing you how to offer your work.

Your session concludes with a beautiful ceremony where you are anointed with your oil.

You'll leave your session feeling encouraged, clear, and validated.

Sometimes you just need a trusted guide to help you see what’s right in front of you!

$15 per session

Sign up here! 

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