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Boho Accessories

Boho Accessories

For almost everyone jewelry is an accent that creates a mood, an aura so to speak.

Bring your outfit to life with accessories that speak to you....

Layer them on or wear each one as a statement piece. 

Boho accessoriesThis lapis pendant on beaded seed chain works well solo or layered. 

boho accessories

How about a Lady of Guadalupe pendant?  Just add your own leather, chain or cord to create your own one of a kind look with these beauties.  Perfect gifts or stocking stuffers too!And then for all of the moon lovers...this one comes in silver or rose gold tones.  

moon necklace

Perfectly layered for you already without the hassle of multiple necklaces. 

Accessories can be empowering....wear what you love and layer it lovingly. 

Create and empower yourself with a little or a lot!

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