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Adios Davie Street - Hello 2020

Adios Davie Street - Hello 2020


Wild....I softly said to myself.


This is crazy, I said. mind and soul was in full understanding that this was truly happening and that its timeliness was nothing short of a miracle. 

*** ***  ***

As many of you know....we had been attempting to make a change to leave Davie St. for over a year.  I had come to the hard conclusion that it was best for me and my business to leave this location that I had such high hopes for.  

As early pioneers to the downtown retail scene....the task had taken its toll on me emotionally and physically.  Personal trials had led to exhaustion and a struggle to find balance.  

For more than a year, we had been looking for a replacement tenant as I had decided to turn over my location.  In October I was notified of a promising new tenant that would take over in December. Everything looked good and at the last minute in early November the tenant backed out.  

Great... I thought as I quickly tried to pull together a small collection of holiday gifts to replenish stock. 

At that point I had a little more than a year left on my lease. I kinda just gave up my hopes of getting the opportunity to leave the location.  I thought...well maybe there's a bigger story in mind for me.  

At the store, I literally would just put my hands up in the air above my head, look up and say...."let it land where it's supposed to land".  Somehow we will make it I thought.   I've had the most amazing people on my team that keep showing up.  These are people I could never repay enough and their friendship was and will always be immeasurable to me.  

On Dec. landlord contacted me and notified me of a tenant that was interested in taking over our space on Davie St.  Here's the catcher....they needed to move in on January 2nd. 

Through the connective powers we were able to make it all come together somehow.  We proceeded with a very fast pace to make things happen!

Lease was signed on December 31st at about 3 pm.  Movers showed up at 8 am on Jan. 1st.  We packed and loaded all day and were into our temporary space less than a block away by 3:15 on New Year's Day!

It was an incredible whirlwind and it still seems a bit surreal. 

*** *** ***

Flashback to December 12th, 2019 when an old friend surprised me with a visit at the store.  I hadn't seen her in over a year.  

We had always had a very unique relationship and she was a friend I could tell anything.  As we were both female entrepreneurs in different fields, we had never really spent a lot of time together. Our visits were always short but super was almost like we were there just to soothe each others souls periodically and rejoice about the small triumphs that were really huge. 

During her unexpected visit to me on this particular day I persuaded her to come out to spend the night at my home so that we could truly catch up on life.  We had been trying to make this happen for months... uninterrupted girl time.  Finally the timing was good for both of us. 

We started out with a delicious dinner at Saxapahaw General Store which is about 25 minutes from my home.  We sat and ate and really just enjoyed being in each others company.  Few words were necessary....we were just soaking up life and listening to one another as we randomly spoke about different topics and issues that had been floating about us over the past years. 

We left to go home and relax.  I opened a bottle of wine for us to share and we took a selfie in front of the Christmas Tree.  Neither of us are selfie people really....but it seemed to commemorate something special that night.  At that moment I also realized that it was the last Full Moon of 2019. 

As our night was coming to a close we continued to talk about different situations that we had struggled with.  She knew of my wishes to leave my location on Davie St. and I explained more of that to her throughout our visit.  I knew she fully understood. 

As we toasted to the end of our night....I think we both felt a rejuvenation of sorts that we hadn't felt in a while.  

The next day we said our goodbyes and she returned to her home.  I knew it would be a while before we would see each other again. 

We stay in touch through text...checking on each other to make sure that we've not allowed our minds to go completely bonkers. 

*** *** ***

Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020 - Catching up with my friend via text messages I learned that she had a play in manifesting this new beginning for me. 



As I thought more about this wildly composed event...I remembered that every moon event that we had created at the store was entitled..."when women gather under the moon, good things happen."

Synchronicity, manifestation, prayer and a sprinkle of sure is a mystery.

Do I believe in synchronicity, manifesting, prayer and the power of women gathering under the moon?  You bet your sweet misfit soul I do!

all my love

creating the journey,


julie, gypsy jule 



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  • From Denim and Lace to Gypsy Jule, I have enjoyed the experience. Thank you for so many enrolling experiences. Best of everything always!

    Ila Meredith Berkley
  • Thank you for sharing and baring your soul with your faithful followers! I’ve moved away from Raleigh but ya’ll will always be a reminder of my time living in NC and wherever you land I’ll come visit you Badass Ladies again!!!

    Diane Phillips
  • Julie,
    This is a great story you shared. Synchronicities abound! Will miss you and Gypsy Jule on Davie! Thanks for all your hipster fun and kindness! Namaste!


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