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Transform Your Life With Flower Power

We have been focusing a lot of energy this new year on the art of being in the moment, being kinder to ourselves, and truly living a life that inspires us. A part of this process has also involved finding like-minded brands to share with you all. The goal is for us all to be happier and more at peace in 2016. One brand we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of is Lotus Wei, a line of floral essences and elixirs with the power to shift your mood. Flowers + natural attitude adjustment= SIGN US UP.  We did our reading, heard the buzz and we just knew Lotus Wei had to be part of our collection.

Picking from their magical line was a bit difficult because honestly we wanted to try it all. Each and every floral infused wonder has us intrigued. But we pulled ourselves together (they actually have an elixir to help with that too!) and settled on quite a selection.

Truth Teller Lip Balm

The Truth Teller Lip Balm- A one-of-a-kind lip balm infused with flower remedies to help you speak your truth. Who doesn't need that little kick in the butt to find and share their real voice? In a year, where our goal is to be more fearless, this just seemed fitting.

Elixir Collage


Taken sublingually or added to a beverage, these elixirs produce a dramatic difference in your everyday state of mind within 2-3 days.

Aura Mists Collage

Clear that aura, moon child. Mist yourself, mist your pillows, mist that annoying coworker who needs to lighten up. (Please ask permission before misting unsuspecting peers!)

Mini Mist Collection

Can't pick which mist to try? Need them all? Or just want a more portable version? The mini mist collection is perfect for you.



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