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Turn The Volume Up: Music Inspired Style

January 19, 2016 1 min read

We love great music. Songs that inspire us, move us, and have us singing through our days. It is said "where words fail...music speaks". Oh how true this is. A life without music would be utterly boring and so much less fun. So in honor of our adoration of a great song, we are sharing some of our favorite music inspired pieces from our collection.

Turn The Music Up Flannel

Photo by Jac Vanek

We love it loud and this flannel shares that sentiment.


Live Musician Tee

Maybe you are with the band or just rock out some mad rush hour karaoke, this tee is a must have for the music obsessed..

My Grass Is Blue

We love some great blue grass music, so this My Grass Is Blue Tee by Bandit Brand was an obvious choice.

Metal Music Note Wall Decor

Our new metal music notes bring the melody home and some soul to your decor.

And we want to leave you with a little something to inspire this Tuesday..


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