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Our Gypset Tribe is Setting Down Roots

We've been a bit quiet for a while now.  We've been busy working out the details of our new home for Gypsy Jule.

Our Gypset Tribe is setting down roots.

We'll spare you the dull and anguishing details of negotiating a retail space.

Just know that we have searched long and hard...and we think we've landed in a pretty good spot for our misfit mercantile.  

I'm feeling a bit blessed by the stars above and definitely grateful for all that has been in my journey over the past two years to bring me to this new place.

Our new location is next to the Warehouse District, just around the corner from the Convention Center and will be across from a new hotel very soon. 

There is a new restaurant slated for opening in 2016 that will be our next door neighbor.  And...what's not to love about Poole's Diner being just around the corner?  Fingers crossed their new and much anticipated Pizza restaurant will break ground sooner than later!   The list of unique businesses in this zone is extensive but this highlights a few. 

For your parking convenience, there is a City Parking Deck right in our building. 

We've been planning and plotting all kinds of crazy and cool ideas.

Our mood board looks a little like this right now:



Feeling a bit anxious?...yes

Head is swimming?...yes

Working all kinds of hours...YES!

It's all that comes with any new journey.  It's what makes the ride so wonderful and crazy.  It's the thrill of creating something that hopefully gives back in the best way that it can to a world that is full of all kinds of kinds.

But...somehow it seemed like everything just kinda fell into place.  Everything that we have been asking for...the universe placed before us.  

It was now or never!

This is my conclusion:

It won't be easy.

It will be filled with good and bad days.

It will create new opportunities for all kinds of people.

It will allow us to be part of something bigger than we could ever be.

It will allow us to meet new people of all kinds.

It will open the doors to new and exciting relationships.

It will allow us to spread our wings and fly.

So, we said yes to NOW.  We accept the dare to grow, the dare to create, the dare to live and the dare to risk. 

We can't wait to welcome you all to our gypset, rustic, bohemian, wild wild west space in Downtown Raleigh!

Opening Fall 2015

207 W. Davie St.

Raleigh, NC 27601








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