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The Gypset Tribe Life - Is it for You?

Do you like to travel?

Are you a wanderlust soul?

Rebel?  Misfit?

Do the arts speak to you and drive your passion for life?

Are you part of the modern day jet set crowd that thrives on rustic and adventurous travels?

Did you answer yes to most of the above?  If so, we think you'll answer "yes" to The Gypset Tribe Life - Is it for You?


Julia Chaplin, author of  three books detailing Gypset style, travel and living , said it best; "My favorite thing about the Gypset lifestyle is that it's not about money, its about a level of taste that can only be accessed from an approach to life that fuses high and low culture."

It's not about fashion exactly, although it's part of it.  It's about lifestyle.  It's about choices.  It's about leading, not following the masses.

It's about learning about yourself and others so that you're a better human being.  The self-indulgent part involves escape from normal life - so that you can get yourself back.

Gypsetters are typically misfits.  They are definitely creative and love unplanned weekend journeys that feed their sophisticated nomadic lives.

Gypsetters are freethinkers.

Gypset Tribe is about lifestyle that is about balance.  It seems to be the perfect combination of work and pleasure. It's about combining the high of your career, education, or upbringing with the natural beauty of this world while surrounding yourself with interesting people of all kinds and authenticity.  Luxury to the gypset tribe is not about surrounding yourself with glamorous hotels or expensive what nots. It's about finding value in tangible and untangible items that create all that make up this journey. It's about racking up organic unplanned experiences and social adventures that don't involve driven agendas.



Exotic yet casual?

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