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A Gypset Guide To Being A Badass

Badass definition
Life ain't no fairy tale, kiddos. It is rough, bumpy, and has more twist and turns than any roller coaster. You either adapt or let it beat you. This my friends is why we believe in the power of being a badass.  Now when we say Badass, we aren't promoting any of our tribe go start a bar brawl or engage in any other illicit behavior (#goodvibesonly)   We are promoting our own version of that is centered around being authentically and apologetically you!
Now we know living outside the box is scary but what scares us more is living a life without passion, adventure, and brilliant displays of free spirited rebellion. In case you need a little inspiration to bring forth your inner badass, we have compiled a little guide to being a badass.
  • HIT THE ROAD- There is something about a road trip that just ignites our spirits. We crave it like some crave cupcakes (we love those too, just in case someone wants to hook us up). It doesn't even have to be a long trip, just a few hours on the open road, windows open, and good music. NEVER turn down a chance to wander.  And don't worry we have picked some must have road trip essentials for you all!
  • WRITE IT DOWN- We are big believers in keeping a journal or notebook with us at all times. You never know when a brilliant idea or thought will pop into that pretty head of yours. Our "It's not easy being a badass" leather journal is the obvious pick for all.
  • DRESS FOR YOU- This one is simple..wear what you want.  Want those oversized sunnies on a cloudy day? Rock it,sister! Praying for a bad hair day so you can justify a really cool hat? We got your back! Just be you. There is enough same-ness in the world, break the mold.

So whatever song makes you it. It is time to start a revolution of women who live by their own terms!

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