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Bring it Monday...Starting the Week like a Badass

May 22, 2016 1 min read 1 Comment

Badass Coffee Mug

That's right...it's Monday.  Whatever you did this weekend...it's now in the past, done...finished.  Maybe it was amazing or something that wounded you just a little.  Maybe it left you questioning everything in your world right now.  Maybe it made you realize how amazing all of your friends are...maybe it made you do a "what the hell am I doing" reality check.  

Whatever...Time to get things rolling in the right direction with a healthy dose of badassery.  Time to face the fears and open the doors to new opportunities.  Time to reach for the stars...time to find the opportunities that are out there.  

It's Monday....let's create our journey....with a healthy dose of badass style.  


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Roger More
Roger More

October 06, 2016

I love what you do. Keep doing it..

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