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Adding Vintage Style to your Decor

It's all the rage....adding vintage decor to create your living space.  It's something I've been doing almost since the day I discovered that I could actually transform my own space with unique and unusual items.

I guess that my real lust for something old started as a young girl on my grandparents farm and my grandmother's huge Southern home with 4 different porches all around it.  It wasn't a fancy home...just large.   My need for creating a space has since evolved to include interesting and inspiring pieces from other countries and also items with a distinctive Western influence.  This mode of decor has been given many names: modern boho, rustic bohemian, boho, bohemian, boho western.  And then there are the talented and wildly popular women that are laying the rules for breaking the rules by creating their own distinctive terms that describe their style, such as Justina Blakeney who has coined the phrase "jungalowstyle" for her eclectic and colorful decor.

Sometimes weirdly eclectic, boho but always unique....I love bringing in odd pieces to add interest to a room.  I crave the unusual that will make my space interesting and inspiring.  Hence, our style here at Gypsy Jule is filled with our unintentional rule of thumb, something old, something new and something creative.  It's second nature to us and although completely self's the eye of a creative mind that fuels the process.

It's always exciting to start a new corner, create a new look or find  a new treasure that sparks an idea.  Decor doesn't have to be expensive to make a great space, you just have to love it and love how it makes the room feel.Vintage chair

This week...we're featuring one of our recently acquired treasures.  It's a vintage high back chair in a gold green fabric.  Many a designer would love to lacquer this piece and reupholster.  I feel it's perfect just as it's a bit rustic, a bit funky and a welcome and unexpected splash of color.  We've paired it with out funky Buddha and we think that they are quite the combo.  Vintage gold chair with High Back

Here's more info here on the chair located in our Davie Street location in Downtown Raleigh.  We want to help you create a fun, inspiring and inviting space...Stop by or message us for more info.

Badass mug and hat not included:)Vintage Chair

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