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The Sacred Wild Candle Co - Aura Aromatherapy Body & Room Myst

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Time for a glow up! This sacred blend of Cedar, Sage, Frankincense & Myrrh will elevate your body and space. We’ve bottled our signature, plant-based and non-toxic essential oil fragrances and formulated them into an indulgent room and body myst for an instant aromatherapeutic effect. ++When you order ten or more, we provide a free tester - and it's cumulative, so please remind us if you re-order. Suggested Use: Starting with the crown chakra, spray the myst in a counterclockwise motion up and down your body. Close your eyes as you take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale through the mouth. Hold your hands open at your crown in the shape of an “A.” Visualize light shooting out of your hands and project colored light out of your hands. Then visualize six roses (the symbol of healing and protection) starting at the top and back of your head, both sides of your body, and behind you. Ask these roses to activate and clear the negative attachments from your aura or chakra field.


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