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Kundi & Co - Pherie: Hammered Band / 6

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Beautiful souls! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this ring!!! Every single one I make is unique and has to be ripped from my fingertips and mailed to the new lucky finger. There is something about Herkimer that draws the eye and opens the heart. It is a powerhouse of a crystal, known for being the highest energy crystal, great for attunement because it's considered harmonious with other crystals... increasing the life force energy of objects all around you. Does everybody on planet Earth need one? I think, absolutely yes. yes. YES. Each ring is made of 14k gold fill (no tarnishing for your favorite ring!!), soldered and hand- hammered by yours truly. 9-11mm AAA grade Herkimer Quartz added for the purest quality and clarity, just for you. You deserve it.


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