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October 23, 2016 1 min read

Seeing the weekend go never easy.  The angst of getting started on a new week and list of things to accomplish, especially as a Small Business Owner are endless.  Perspective and balance is important, but as we all know, life usually doesn't allow for much of that because honestly its a roller coaster most days and things just don't go as always planned or expected.

So....what I'm trying to do is be a little kinder to myself, to allow myself to be ok with not be 100% ok.  With that I'm inviting some beautiful things into my space just because I want to.  AND WHAT WE NEED TO REALIZE IS THAT'S OK!  PERMISSION ALLOWED!

One of the best little purchases is really candles...they smell good, they create great ambience and if they happen to say something cool...even better!

I'm in love with all of the new Mame Soy Candles.  This one seems to speak particularly to me.  

Mame Soy Candle

Also....something with inspiration or a subtle reminder for casual or workout.  Can't deny the complete truth behind this Good Hyouman tank....and if you haven't tried're gonna melt with the feel of this fabric.  


Good Hyouman

 And of course, a humorous coffee mug...a gentle reminder that says...yeah ..YOU..."it's not easy being a badass".

Badass Coffee Mug

Hello me roar!!


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