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Handmade Swings for your Bohemian Spaces.

You's becoming an art on zoning in on zoning out. 
Relaxing has become something of a lost art.  

Mission Hammocks

We have to be reminded to take time away from our social media devices and the black hole of the internet. 

Life is a beautiful balance that we all maneuver, sometimes with the greatest of ease, other times it's a crazy struggle to find time to breathe.

I'm in love with these new arrivals from Mission Hammocks. Mission Hammocks is a company that gives back in a big way....supporting people with disabilities in Nicaragua. These hammocks are made in a workshop that employs blind, deaf, and physically disabled people who create some of the best hammocks on the planet. Each person earns a fair salary and works in a great environment to develop personally and professionally!  

 Their best selling hammock chair  is featured here. 

These pieces of art are made with some of the finest organic Manila cotton made in Central America, and they hand weave every stitch on the hammock chairs, including the decorative macrame fringe. Hammock Chair - Boho Decor

Hammock Swing 

We've also got it in store in black.  Choose your theme and create add to a porch or room.  

Hammock SwingHammock SwingLightweight and easy to use...these make great gifts for just about anyone!

Housewarming, college or beach're gonna love these!


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