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Bohemian style


If there's one thing we're really passionate about here at's what we like to call rustic boho style. It's a style that allows our free spirited vibes to flow but also touch upon western influences. 
Boho Lounge Style
Much like the Gypset style, it is eclectic and doesn't follow a certain path but rather invites inspiration from a variety of items.
The Isadora dress by Raga is a favorite for the warmer temperatures about to set in and also is the perfect addition to any modern nomad's suitcase.  We've given it the "opposites attract" combo and styled it with the Chester boot by PLDM
bohemian maxi dress
Unconventional and not really nailed into one category is exactly how we like it.  See how that plays along with our "misfit mercantile" tag?
You see...following the rules of decor and retail isn't really our thing.
We love creating spaces that are out of the box.
We love putting together combinations of home decor and lifestyle/apparel that inspire.
It's the unexpected combination of vintage goodness with a bit of free spirited boho.  
rustic boho style
Last week we pulled together a look that I'm totally in love with.  Played off of a phrase that has been misinterpreted though the years "Music Soothes the Savage Beast", this set up is the perfect example of what we love to do!  This misinterpretation has a depth that  gives a nod to the power of music. 
Music inspiration
Maybe wearing beautiful dresses, lounging on red velvet sofas and listening to songs that heal our souls should become part of our weekly rituals...
Sounds like the perfect detox to all the craziness of the world to me.
Stay tuned to find out how we can help you to create a similar style.
Even better....leave us a comment so that we can connect and get to know you better. 

Creating the journey,

gypsy jule

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