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Smudge stick


If 2017 is still feeling a little like 2016...or even if it's not....Join us this First Friday in Downtown Raleigh for a little smudge stick crafting.  
Our tribe has been busy gathering fresh herbs and roses from our own organic gardens to add to our Sage Sticks to add more juju to our good vibes!  

Sage sticks


This simple and satisfying project only takes a few minutes and then you will be able to focus on cleansing and purifying your space with your newly created fragrances.  
For your space, we have gathered fresh lavender, roses and rosemary. 

Fresh herbs and roses

Believed to encourage love, fresh lavender will fill your space with a beautiful scent.  
Rosemary traditionally is known to bring back happy memories and improve concentration.  Pretty sure we can all gain from these everyday.  (social media overload anyone?) 
I'm excited to cleanse my space and focus on what brings me joy and satisfaction.  Creating better days that impact others in a positive way...yes...more please.  
We will be celebrating First Friday of June....this Friday 6 til 9 but the smudge stick activity will be available all day during our regular hours starting at 11am.  

Attempting to Create the journey,


Gypsy Jule





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