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Modern Boho Basics


Boho style's a creative style that is authentic and unconventional.  It's a style that is true to the individual. 

It crosses all styles and when done well is done with an art that is second to none. 

It's a blended style that goes from minimal classic to over the top layered. 

We've gathered  some "basic yet not basic" items that can be wardrobe building pieces to help you with your bohemian closet goods.  What is cool about these items is that they have the ability to be simple yet can go full on bohemian goddess when styled correctly. 


first.... a vintage inspired dress.

A favorite for the Fall season is this new arrival from Chaser.  The Heirloom Flutter Sleeve Dress  is a dress that is multi-seasonal and one that can easily transform from Modern Boho to Stevie Nicks vibes with just a change of accessories and layers.   For our mild Fall weather here in North Carolina....this dress is exactly what everyone needs. Once the weather gets colder...this is an easy one to layer with a chunky sweater cardigan and tall boots with tights. 

Chaser Dress

How about this outfit inspiration?Boho Basics 

No. 2 - a killer Kimono

This new line from The Handloom is luxuriously boho for the gypsetter , the modern nomad or anyone who walks to the beat of their own drum. Big doesn't carry a luxury price tag.

This beautiful line of apparel and home goods is handcrafted with a blend of traditional Turkish culture and the Southern California sun.  Each garment has its own story and is hand-loomed by skilled, local artisans in the remote villages of Turkey. 

We love that this piece can be easily worn with denim and boots.  Be sure to add this one to your suitcase when you's a great swimsuit coverup too. 


 No. 3 - A Hat

It seems that hats have found their way back into our society over the past several years.  

Not only are they stylish but they serve a couple of purposes.  :)   

Of course you want one simply for the boho look....but it's also great for shading your face from the sun on those bright summer days.  And warning...once you get on the hat're gonna want a wall of them!'s the tip of the year!....use it on those days when you've had so much dry shampoo that you can't cover it up any more!!  It's an instant pick me up when you don't have time to shampoo!!

The hats below all come sized.....they are on our website but it's always best to try on!  If you have any questions...don't hesitate to reach out to us...happy to send over measurements, etc. 

Panama Hat

 Next is the classic felt wide brim floppy hat that is probably the fashion icon hat for boho lives everywhere!  

We've got this one available in 2 colors, tan and burgundy. Unbelievably priced at $ probably want both colors!!

How about this classic style done in creamy white with black grosgrain ribbon? It's called the Gambler and I think it's appropriately tagged! This beauty can be rocked year round. 

Gambler Hat

Last, you could be like the Queen of Boho in this black or grey top hat style. 

Remember this photo?  

Stevie Nicks in Tophat

Photo from Rockapedia

Do your own version of the top hat with the below styles.  I think these are great for a boho wedding and of course for any special event that you just want to show up in style and have fun while doing so!

tophattop hat

 Now....go get your free spirited boho onnnn and make some memories!

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