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How To Create A Rustic Boho Gallery Wall

Have you been procrastinating on starting or finishing a gallery wall?

It's easy to get stuck when creating a gallery in your space. I mean really, do we even know where to start? That's where we come in.

Here is your 3 step guide to choosing the best pieces for a rustic boho gallery wall that will give your home the funky flair it needs!

rustic boho gallery wall1. Choose Different Shapes & Sizes

Choosing different shaped pieces for your gallery wall is important. Having different shapes not only adds interest but is pleasing to the eye. It allows the eye to travel across the wall. 
Choosing the same shape pieces for a gallery wall will feel more structured and formal.  To create a rustic boho style for your wall, try  switching between round and rectangle pieces so the look remains interesting. Adding a third shape like a triangle is even better!
Adding different sized pieces to the wall will create interest!  Putting together your gallery wall will be much easier if you have multiple sized pieces to choose from when planning. Larger items like this longhorn skull work great with smaller items around it like this print.

Rustic Boho Gallery Wall

2. Finding Texture

Texture is something that is often forgotten when decorating a wall. It's probably one of the most important elements when creating a rustic boho gallery wall! 
Finding prints with a mixture of wood and metal frames is a great start. Adding a fabric piece to your wall is also crucial. You can use a rug, a framed piece of fabric, a quilt piece even.  This eagle print or this ornate fan is an amazing way to add fabric to a wall.

Gallery Wall

Choosing pieces that are made with glass, wood, metal, and textiles will create a one of a kind eclectic mix!
3. Adding Interest
Creating a gallery wall that is interesting and fun to look at is the ultimate goal. 
Most importantly is to choose pieces that speak to "you".  They can be photos, momentos, objects or random pieces that you
happen to just fall in love with.

Gallery Wall

Once you've collected some items that you love, add a strong piece that will really stand out if you truly want a statement on your gallery wall.  This is the piece that is going to really give you that "wow" factor.
Adding a light up sign like this one is a fun way to achieve this look. Framed prints are great to have as a base for your wall, but adding out of the box pieces is what will really create an eye catching rustic boho gallery wall. This unicorn print or this air plant vintage frame are unique pieces that would be a beautiful addition to any wall in your home!

Gallery Wall


Now...just choose ONE piece to get started on your own rustic boho gallery wall! It's easy once you get started.  
We have lots of goodies to help dress your casa here.
Good luck!  You got this!



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