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Decorating with Vintage

How I Crushed Emotions by Binging on Vintage Decorating

Life has been a constant rollercoaster since January's inauguration  here in the USA. Heartbreak and concerns have been the focus for many.  Regardless of which side of the coin you were on for the election...never before has there been such a division here in our country.  It has affected us all and continues to stare us in the face daily.
You know what?  You're gonna be ok.  You're gonna come through this fire better than you ever thought you could be.  On the other side of're gonna find out how brilliant your light shines.
But in the's gonna feel like shit.  And we're going to need to indulge ourselves a bit so that we stay strong and mentally sane to take on the challenges ahead.
It's not being selfish to break away from the constant bashing of news that is breaking our souls in half.  It's called self-care and it comes in many many forms. 
For me...I like to indulge in creating something new in my space by adding some "new" vintage pieces.
Here's a few of the new goodies we've discovered lately.
vintage chair with trunk and cowhide
 Vintage chair, vintage trunk, cowhide rug and repurposed window artwork


Handpainted vintage globe lamp

Handpainted One of a Kind Vintage Globe Light


Ok...I know it's not for everyone.  But how freaking cool is this lamp??!!  Don't think old fashioned yucky...think "cool western mod".
I can imagine this in a minimalist decor as well as a funky boho room with hints of western.  This hand painted midcentury globe light dates from the 1960's and is in near perfect condition.  You won't find another like it.  You can even turn on just the bottom or the top of the light separately...(slightly geeky moment here).
Vintage Globe Light - Midcentury


Freedom Sign with Vintage Decor and MidCentury Globe Light


camel print vintage vignette

Found Camel Print with vintage swan planter. Vintage marble top cabinet with Eye Meditation Flame/Crystal holder

Bohemian Deluxe with Cowskull and cowhide rug - Vintage style 

Vintage trunk, Vintage print, Zebra cowhide


See?  Feel better just a little?  Indulge in some funky creative vintage for your home.  

Me?....I'm just getting started.  

***all of the items here can be found in our Davie St. location and certain pieces are available online as well.   Need help?  Consults available or just drop by our store in Downtown Raleigh.  


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