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July 17, 2016 1 min read

Do you like a touch of vintage glam in your bohemian styled rooms?  You know...you're that person who likes a little poshness, a little glitz, probably a lot of glam in your hip styled casa.  It's glamour and glitz rolled up into one.  Sophisticated and confident...it's a style that allows personal expression.

Let's talk Hollywood Regency Mid Century style....these midcentury glam vintage pieces will create just that vibe in any space.  It's a style that is meant to be a mixture...often throwing in a single glamourous piece that simply sets the stage for the room.  

I can hear you oohing and ahhhing now over this slightly magical piece.  Love crystal and luxe fabrics...this might be just the style for you.

We're a fan of this midcentury piece that just arrived in store. Part whimsy but oh so glam....we've paired it with one of our favs...a neutral tan cowhide rug.  It's a look that could either go quite neutral and minimal or totally detailed out with luxe details. 

This Hollywood Regency midcentury style brass rams head tableis available in our Downtown Raleigh location.  It's not something that you see everyday and they are rare to across. Vintage Hollywood Regency Brass ramshead table

Hollywood regency midcentury modern brass rams head table

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