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Full Moon Gathering

Full Moon Gathering - Sunday January 20th

 Join us under the Moon..Sunday January 20th 5 til 7

Jan 20-21 there will be a spectacular Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

"Each second the moon tells us, be more passionate. We should shine back and tell it the same." `~~Rumi

This moon will be a Super Blood Moon followed by a lunar eclipse in the wee hours of the night on the 21st. We will be led by Stephanie Cotten, Stephanie is a transformational coach. She has spent years being trained in energy medicine, massage therapy, exercise, movement, astrology, tarot,crystal healing, past life, alternative medicine, pretty much everything she could find to help heal people and reach their full potential.

Gather Under The Moon

The power of the moon is no secret to us. The moon and her gravitational pull have the power to move tides and ignite child birth. Her beautiful energy gives us the opportunity to set intentions and let go of what is holding us back. When we gather under the moon it creates a sense of community and support.

The ritual of women gathering together under the moon is one that has been practiced for centuries in various cultures. There is something very powerful and special about women coming together and supporting each other in their hopes and their dreams. When you share a sacred space together and combine it with the power of the moon the intentions that you set create a web of support that extends from each woman in your circle. This gathering is about creating community and support.

January Full Moon/Eclipse

The full moon in January is a Super Full Moon. Super moons are even stronger than a regular full moon. The full moon offers us the opportunity to purge and release anything that hasn’t been working in our lives. This combined with a lunar eclipse means this energy is going to be very powerful for letting go and welcoming change. If you have felt like it was time to let go of old baggage or release something from your life this is the time to do it.


In the traditions of a moon circle we will gather in a circle and write down and release (burn) what we are ready to let go of. The power of the circle will help cleanse the energy and amplify the intention of releasing what is not working.

This will be followed by a sound healing bath of Tibetan singing bowls to help cleanse the energy.

Soak in the healing powers of selenite and himalayan salt lamps during the ceremony.

Sage and Palo Santo will be used in cleansing.

We hope to see you for this evening of fun, renewal and friendship.

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BONUS: Happy Plant Raleigh will join us 2-4 in store.

Come early to make your own DIY Full MOON terrarium...that you only water ONCE a month.  Pick stones that help ground you and a happy plant! (no ticket required for this portion of our day!)

Price range $20 and up!Happy Plant Raleigh



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