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Why Nesting is Important - Sanctuary Space

Without a doubt....there has never been a better time to create good vibes for your home.  Nesting is essential to a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are or how small or big your space is.


Creating a space that is a sanctuary is as simple as selecting items that speak to you...well "what do you mean...speak to me?" you ask! 

I know it's a bit hard to grasp for some.  But literally ...what kinds of items make you take a double look? What items feel good to the touch for you, smell good or just visually are making you happy....that's how we create a "nest" that has good vibes!

When "nesting" sets in....we create space that makes us thrive.  We tidy and clean and put things in our sight that makes us happy.

 I've put together some vignettes to give you a little inspiration. 

First is this space that could work anywhere in a home...but definitely is great for a meditation space, a sacred space area or an altar.  I've followed our decorating rule of something new, something old (vintage) and something created. Dried and live florals are certainly adding to that rustic, somewhat cottage vibe here. 

I'm a big big fan of candles that are good for you...not candles that are filled with faux scents that take over a whole house.  No...I want scents that are naturally scented with essential oils, natural scents that are good to breathe in and also are good for the nervous system.  This is really important when creating your home space.  Smell and scent create mood....we don't want that mood to be a bad one. 
More inspiration....This vignette draws the eye with the combination of just 3 items...the Lady of Guadalupe plaque, the vintage candle holder and the plant. 
It's an easy and restful trio.
rustic boho decor
Here's another example of decor that creates a sense of calm and rest within the home.  I love the vintage candlesticks and the vintage mirror.  The basket is a fun addition here with just a splash of color and the moth print in the simple black frame adds a modern touch. Of course, plants are always welcome and the aged terra-cotta planter is boho all the way. Everything here has a soothing color palette, quite muted actually.  If you were to put this on a dramatic dark colored wall or a white wall, the mood would be the same...calming but would lend itself to a different decor style.  It's easy to shift from one style to the other with just color changes on the wall.  
vintage style decor
rattan barrel chair
Vintage Decor
 New inspiration will be coming soon. our VINTAGE here.
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till next time friends....julie
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  • I love your decor and channel. I already have purchased two items from your shop and will probably buy more. Great items. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on life and how to decorate your home and make it your own.


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