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Okay...if you know me...I kinda got an obsession with cowhide.  Sorry if this offends my vegan friends....but it's life for me.  

If you've been on the search for a great cowhide zebra print rug...look no further my friend.  It's easy to take this richly toned one into whatever design mode you have in mind.  Whether your style is glam boho, contemporary chic or one of my personal favorites... a rustic bohemian set up.

Now...listen up...

let's talk about your nesting space...the place you call home, your retreat, your escape from life.  It's the place that you recover from the headaches and disappointments of whatever crap that life has handed out to you.  It's the place that comforts you, it's your little sanctuary.  

Creating that space is super important.  We also believe that adding pieces that you love, things that create a nurturing space when you are home sipping on that evening cocktail or hot tea are solid investments in YOU.  Thats right....YOU.

Now...I'm not saying go and put a bunch of things in your shopping cart just to fill your space. Precisely the opposite my friend.   I'm a firm believer in buying value...things that you fall in love with...things that you will keep for years that will only get better with time...things that will make you feel good when you go to the place you call home.  It's what we call "creating our space" , creating a place that represents you and things that make your soul feel reenergized and safe to go back out to meet whatever challenges that are coming your way.

So.....I'm not saying you MUST go out and buy a zebra print cowhide rug and you're gonna be happy (like really??) ....but WHAT I am saying is...ALLOW yourself to create something that nurtures you.  

If a zebra print rug is what you've been dreaming of...then you should attempt to make that happen!  And...just in case that's what you've been dreaming of here's some ideas.


Zebra print cowhide rug

How about adding a vintage cane chair? It's texture and color is a nice contrast to the rug and it creates an eclectic vibe.  Green plants are a must for anyone looking to add a little bohemian style to the casa. Make it your space with the additional details that you add.  

zebra print cowhide

 Zebra print cowhide rug

Cheers and let me hear from you on how you are creating your "space".

**Need help putting something together in the Raleigh area....send over an email or give us a call.  We look forward to working with you.  

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